Wednesday, 22 September 2010

. K-K-K-K-K-K

Under thy restrains;
a river still flew.
Again and again;
against drift you grew.
Critique selfish whip;
and into an ocean of doubt:
"Am I what you are?
or is my reason just shouts?!"
But by one example;
it changes these roots.
The heft of one act;
an orchestra's flute.

Now you feel the warmth in you.
Friendly hands - i feel them too.
And my tears breach me to mild;
'cause I saw your naive smile.
Thank you.


  1. Now, this is about a girl.
    Given to mental diferences betwixt ourselves, some people have different capacities that others acquire. This girl, the one the poem is about, has her own differences, as we all do, and thanks to these dissemblances, she has suffered unfair prejudice and mocking, and being unique betwixt others, she has had her difficulties to cultivate social experiences.
    The moment experimented in this text is a drawing, where, given to her varied restrain, she finds it very hard to concentrate on a figure and colour it. While suffering prepossesions, she seems contained and opressed into herself. But a hand to a shoulder becomes an example of welcoming uniquenesses and adaptation. She begins to unravel her naive childhood happiness. This example would be later on followed by other 5 year-old children, to help her realize that she, regardless of her imposed limits, is suchlike others in her uniqueness.

    The beauty of childrens ease to learn.

  2. The poem is written within this measure: